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I smiled. 
I just, 
Why not?
I wasn't dead.
Sure, life was as bad as the hell itself.
But life is still moving.
The sun is still up, shining.
Somewhere above the musty sky.
Full of clouds, becoming shadows of glum.
And death.
But it was still shining. 
So that's something, ain't it?

I sat in the old body of a rusted mustang, crouching low under the steering wheel as the so called "Reapers" (The group of raiders who were so desperate for money they couldn't use, they injured, sometimes even murdered, people for it) threw themselves at the car, trying to burst open the dieing hinges. 

I peaked over the wheel, gathering snarling faces in view. 
For all but one.
There was a kid, somewhat younger  then them,
A year or so older then me,
Hanging way behind em',
Handcuffs settling on his wrists.
I lifted my gaze a bit, to justify the sitiuation.
Two guns and a dull kitchen knife hung to One of the Reaper's who stood nearbys Boots.
Those must've been the kids, because he never once reached to grab em'.

I pushed down the window a bit, my voice snarling.
"Hey, what's with the kid?"
I muttered, keeping my body to low for visual.

One stopped banging against the door and grunted. "This twirps Mum didn't have anything to give us, So we took him instead"

My mouth gaped in terror. "T..that's horrible" I stuttered, not only because of the situation, but of how calmly he explained it. 

He then aimed his gun while my head was up. "Now, will ya come out so we can kell' ya?"

I cringed. Man, These guys are Dip-Wads. 

I smiled softly, snorting. "Sure" I abliged, opening up the door.

All at once, they fired there flaming meatballs at me, me flipping under and around as bullets grazed and the thwapped me.

I turned around and shot at them simultaneously, my aim extremely in-accurate, but at least it got my point across.

I was Pissed Off,
And didn't wanna be messed with.

I then turned back around and shot back at one of the guys guarding the dude, watching the guard fall over, I tread forward, shooting at the guard with the boy's weapons clanging to his boots. I then raced toward the fallen guard, taking the weapons and nawing off the kids handcuffs with the kitchen knife.

"Here" I said, handing the items to him, "Let's go"

He nodded, standing up. 

"Alicia, you?" I said, figuring he got the point.

"Jace" He answered, hand holding tight to the gun. "So, where are we heading?"

"We're gonna go spot your mum, because obviously, I'm British now"

"Right..." He spoke, probably beginning to fear that a Sycopath had rescued him, and then was going to eat him.

I hadn't thought about the second part till now.

But I am hungry....

Never mind that.

I ran for where I had seen the lady earlier, seeing her in the exact same spot, weeping threw her hands.

"that er'?" I asked, watching as Jace ran up, his arms hanging around her.

The woman smiled, before breaking off into a coughing fit.

"Mum?" He asked, his voice sputtery and shaky. 

I walked over, blood slipping down my face in places.

I looked down, cringing. "Oh Dear God....No"

Jace stepped back, eyes watery.

Her shirt was damp with blood, where a bullet had shot her.

In the heart.


He insisted.


"You can't die. Alicia saved me, so we could save you"


I broke in.

"Mum.. You can't go-"


"Your still young an-"



"She's gone"


"She's gone"

"What are you saying? She's right here"

"She's. Dead."

His heart stopped.

His face momentarily was emotionless,

But broke out into a eruption of tears.

I pat his back softly, standing up.

"Where are you.. G-going?"

I sighed.

"I'm going to hide from this. Hide from the end. You can come with me, if you want"

"Why?" He asked, standing.

"Because I'm not ready to let go yet"

He nodded. "Let's go then"

"Let's hide from the End"

"Because we're not ready to let go yet"


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
~Im Drawing Up A Blank. It's the best one i've ever had~

Herro People of whoever may be reading this~
I am CrazyCreation.

Im a Crazy~ Not Sane girl.. I can't draw, which makes it fun..
But you don't mess with a girl with a camera and an awesome sidekick at her side.
That would be Wheezey~ My American BullDog puppy, and my devilish cats, Dumb and Not Dumb~
General Corn Wallace
Yus, i am weird.
Deal with it
Im currently beginning to write several stories, and, if you hadn't noticed, i am naturally and un-realizingly a poet~
And with that note, i leave you with some words~

~Wish on a Star and Try To Make it far; Dance through the galaxy and learn a lifetime~

Oh, and check this awesome request!
Done by :iconxioade: :)
Again, thank you High Roller!

The base for my avatar made by-

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