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"I wish you would quit already." I sighed, looking at his ever growing collection.
"Quit? This is my life!" he exclaimed.
"I just get TIRED of looking at it all." I murmured.

The words echoed in my head,  the empty figures lying on the shelf, painfully aware of his absence.
Maybe it's because they were the ones shouting it.
And Over.
And Over again.
Behind my eyes, circling my head.
Until the shrill squeals almost broke my brain.
``Would you Shut It!``
I shouted, the figures snapping shut and muttering stern words.
``I don't care. . .`` I whispered. ``Its all your fault anyway!``

Yes. I realize i am talking to a case of glass figurines.
And yeah, some people would poke fun my brother, who collected glass figures.
But no, i'm not crazy.
They really do talk to me.
Only me.
So people think i'm crazy.
People thought he was crazy.
But he collected for mom.
They were the one thing that kept her distracted.
It kept her thinking about something else besides her short life span.
She had cancer.
She died one year ago today on November 12, 2013.
The day after my brother died, this year.
Wonder if i'm next.

It started yesterday morning, when i shouted those un-faithful words at him.
``C'mon,`` I had said, distraught. ``There just figurines`` The figures shouted in their shrill and tiny voices at me, but i had ignored it, staring at my older brother carefully. 
``There hers, Liv``
He shouted, hands turning into tight fists beside him.
``When she went... she meant for us to keep a few of them. Not all of them. She'd understand if you got rid of some of them``
``You don't get it. You don't get me`` He spoke, almost snarling. ``Nobody understands me!`` He screamed, pushing me down and into the case, towering over me frighting-ly.
I struggled under him, reaching into and grabbing on of the figures, at which point it started squirming in my hands. My brother stared, shoving me aside and grabbing at the figurine. 
``Leave it alone!`` He shouted, reaching as it struggled.
Seeing it move now, he stared. ``What are you doing to it?!``
It screamed, and while it was in my hands and he was holding onto me, he was in full range of being able to hear it.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
~Im Drawing Up A Blank. It's the best one i've ever had~

Herro People of whoever may be reading this~
I am CrazyCreation.

Im a Crazy~ Not Sane girl.. I can't draw, which makes it fun..
But you don't mess with a girl with a camera and an awesome sidekick at her side.
That would be Wheezey~ My American BullDog puppy, and my devilish cats, Dumb and Not Dumb~
General Corn Wallace
Yus, i am weird.
Deal with it
Im currently beginning to write several stories, and, if you hadn't noticed, i am naturally and un-realizingly a poet~
And with that note, i leave you with some words~

~Wish on a Star and Try To Make it far; Dance through the galaxy and learn a lifetime~

Oh, and check this awesome request!
Done by :iconxioade: :)
Again, thank you High Roller!

The base for my avatar made by-

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