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There was once a time when I cared about how it all ended. How we came to cease.
When it started to happened; I discovered i didn't care.
I've forgotten about the small, little things like that now.
If you rush to the next moment, what will happen to the one your in?
You gotta enjoy the ride.

It was a dim, September morning. The clouds hovered over in a inferior glare, almost snarling as some people attempted to stay happy, but found themselves unable to accomplish this task.
Who really wanted to? The world was destroying itself.
Really, it was to far gone to fix by now.

It was always cold. Everywhere. Every season.
When it wasn't cold, it was to humid to move.  
The climate changed too fast for perfection in any season.
The seasons had melted away anyway. We didn't need weather classification anymore. Obviously.
Trash piled up near and outside of houses. Garbage cans towered higher than some of the buildings.
Garbage trucks trudged at 10 miles an hour around street blocks, trying to 'save' fuel.
It didn't really make a difference.

I walked from my way-up townhouse at the top of the apartment building to the streets, coughing as i remembered not to inhale the air of the heavy smokers around me.
I started walking towards school, my heavy brown boots clonking against several shiny metal objects.
My blue and white knit sweater and bright, acid wash jeans kept me cold.
I guess i liked the cold; Even if it reminded me of loss.
I was someone who  got a lot of that.

I was snapped away from my echoing thoughts as a black mini-van rolled by, the horn honking on the old car, with the one and only Haxly yelling beautifully loud from the top of the un-necessary sunroof.  Her driver, Dayni,  slowed down, allowing Haxly to reach her hand to me.
``Hey Haxly, Hey Dayni,`` I mused, grabbing onto my crazy friends hand.
``Cartry`` She smiled. ``C-A-R-T-R-Y, pronounced Car-tree``
I giggled, her pulling on my hand and dragging me inside.
``Congrats. That's the fourth day in a row you spelled it right``
Haxly began to whisper to me. ``Kaitlen, I--``
Dayni whipped around, glaring at Haxly. ``Haxly. You know the rules,``
``Bu--`` Haxly whimpered
``No. We could get arrested for using our names. Stop`` Dayni barked, turning himself back around.
Haxly sighed, deciding to forget it.  She turned back to, whispering again. ``Cartry, we can't go to school today``
I glanced at her, hugging her shoulder with my tiny hand.
Haxly looked directly at my faded eyes. ``Dayni-- I don't trust him anymore. This worlds getting to him``
I tilted my head to glimpse at Dayni, noticing how fidgety and more-pale-than-normal he looked.
``He could report us to the Daloore at any time``
``Haxly, we can't just abandon him. Were not done yet`` I growled, my voice keeping low.
``Yeah?`` She tempted. ``Watch``
She pulled herself onto the vans roof, reaching her hand out to me.
I reluctantly pushed myself up, ignoring her hand and standing next to her, brushing myself off as he stopped.
I soon realized that him stopping is what she counted on, even if safety origin of the plan was questionable.
She rolled off, pulling me off with her.
We ran, hopping off the road we were currently on and landing on the closet one below, ungracefully.
Since it was just below the one above us, neither of us were directly harmed, but we were a little bruised. ``Genius plan, Haxly`` I grunted, brushing myself off. ``He's gonna come after us now, which adds to the list of people who wanna kill us``
``Good! Ill have him plan my funeral``
``Haxly. C'mon. Let's just go``

I should explain what's happening.
Our government, the Daloorem's, disliked equality, so they forbid all full or real names and gave those the chance for new names. The richer fokes got the better, more common names, and the hobos and 3rd class livers got the short and bitter-sweet ones.
Guess you can see where me and Haxly fit in.
C'mon. My Names Cartry. They couldn't do better.

Haxly and I work investigations and dangerous missions for people.
Its what we Reapers do.
Our Presence remains a mystery in a mission like so that had just taken place,
Until we make stupid decisions like so.
However, a only Sixteen, most think were in-reliable.
We probably are.
But, hey, the worlds gotta feed off disbelief.

I walked alongside Haxly, sighing dramatically as i slipped into the sewers unnoticed.
Haxly followed me, prodding me at the bottom. ``You didn't wanna come today either, huh?``
I nodded. ``Nup`` I agreed, feeling an odd, looming presence about.
``Haxly`` I muttered, holding my hand infront her as a notion to stop.
``You feel that?`` I asked. Us Reapers trained all our senses.
She nodded. ``It ain't Reaper``

I looked around, my arm twitching and causing me to flip around, kicking someone dead in the face.
The person feel, and as i looked at the face, i recognized him.
``Dayni`` I grunted in relief.
Haxly grinned ``Now we've got our catc--``
She stopped dead sentence, me whipping around to see her splashing into the water with a goon dressed in full black attire looked dead at me.
I raised my foot up, aiming for his nose.
Instead, he grabbed my foot, twisting it with a very painful crack
He then reached and punch me in the face.
I smiled, falling with a plop to the gross sewer water, watching him start to drag us away as i passed out and into a soft sleep.

I woke up in headquarters, barely awake and only able to hear peaces of sentences.
One pieced-together sentence rolled over and over in my mind.

``We learn to live another day without grace and perfection``
``And we turn out alright``

and with that i smiled and fell back asleep, my head leaning on my best friends shoulder.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
~Im Drawing Up A Blank. It's the best one i've ever had~

Herro People of whoever may be reading this~
I am CrazyCreation.

Im a Crazy~ Not Sane girl.. I can't draw, which makes it fun..
But you don't mess with a girl with a camera and an awesome sidekick at her side.
That would be Wheezey~ My American BullDog puppy, and my devilish cats, Dumb and Not Dumb~
General Corn Wallace
Yus, i am weird.
Deal with it
Im currently beginning to write several stories, and, if you hadn't noticed, i am naturally and un-realizingly a poet~
And with that note, i leave you with some words~

~Wish on a Star and Try To Make it far; Dance through the galaxy and learn a lifetime~

Oh, and check this awesome request!
Done by :iconxioade: :)
Again, thank you High Roller!

The base for my avatar made by-

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